Friday, October 10, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend was SOOOO much fun. My oldest daughter had 2 friends come over to spent the night on Friday. They wanted to learn to crochet, so that was nice! I really enjoyed teaching them (my girls already know a little bit, so they were 'helpers' for the other two.

One of the girls, in particular, really enjoyed it. She wants to come back over for more crochet lessons! I'm excited that she is so excited.

Their 'project' was to make friendship bracelets for each other. They all really enjoyed doing that. This meant that the really didn't do anything other than chain, but still - they had fun! And, have interest in learning more!! Here is Sar showing off a couple of her bracelets!

The next morning, we all went to Monkey Joe's to play til WELL after lunch. They got to run, jump and play! Had pizza for lunch, then did it all again til nearly 3! How fun is that? You can see that I made them all matching shirts - purely selfish reasons - having them all dressed alike made it a lot easier on me to keep my eyes on them!

While they were having their fun ... this is what I did! More on this to come in another post!

Needless to say, by Saturday night, I was dead on my feet - but, a great time was had by all! So, I'd say that was a successful weekend!!

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