Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dorothy Shoes ... AKA 'Why am I so cheap? Shoes'

So, as I mentioned earlier, I'm to be Dorothy for Halloween. Now, being a 'do it yourself-er', I decided to make my own red shoes. Let's just say ... I'm so stupid!

I have, painstakingly, placed each of these sequins (I lost count at 500 sequins on one shoe) on an old pair of mary janes. Surely I could have found some sparkly red shoes for not TOO much, right? Anyway - I want to be proud of these shoes, I really do - but, they just aren't as cute as they could be! I will say, however, that they are more sparkly that the pictures seem to suggest... odd. After the initial application dries, I intend to go back in and fill in any 'empty' spots!
Anyway - here are the pictures.......

Hopefully, they will be okay with the whole outfit... which, by the way, is not complete. I'm about 75% finished with Sarah's dress (which is a recon of another dress and reclaimed chiffon fabric) - I've decided (after the fact) that it would have likely been easier to just make a dress from scratch. But, alas, as I mentioned above .... I'M AN IDIOT! lol

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