Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute little sleep masks....

For some reason, my girls decided that they NEEDED - yes, needed! sleep masks. So, of course, I made them for them. They chose their fabrics... so, you can definitely see their personalities (and the difference in their personalities) in their fabric choices... I promise, they were happy (though, you'd never know it from Sar's face in the picture below ... lol).

Sarah chose to have hers made out of a purple and pink polka dot fabric. The lining is a purple fleece and hers has ties on either side.

Hannah (my little rocker child! lol) chose a skull fabric with a red lining. We chose to have hers made with a thin elastic as opposed to ribbon ties.
I really like the one with the elastic best, but it was a bit more painful to sew (though they were both REALLY easy to sew) because the elastic had to be shorter than the width of the sleep mask.
All in all - they turned out cute. But, for the girls' small faces, I think that I should have made the masks a bit smaller - but, we just used the same pattern that I had drawn out for my own sleep masks.

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