Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cute little felted pouch

I recently felted an old wool sweater, making a bag for my daughter. I originally blogged about that here. I still had a bit of the sweater left over and did another small project...

I made a cute little pouch that can hold cards, lip balm, etc. I attached a key chain to it so that it can be carried with keys, for convenience.

OHHHH, now that I type that out, it makes me think about something else that it could be used for. Once, at my former job, I took a CPR class and at the end of the class we got a little key chain with a few CPR items (gloves, barrier, etc.). As I recall, it was about this same size... so, I guess you could use this little pouch for that, as well... anyway, I digress..

Anyway - cute little pouch that was easy to make......

Now, I have to stop making little things... more heating pouches and more sleep masks... and finish up Halloween costumes! I am doing a recon of a dress for Sarah - she's Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz. And, I need to finish my costume - I'm Dorothy! Hannah is at least done!!

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