Saturday, December 06, 2008

Visit with Santa!

Today was our visit with Santa. The girls (and Santa as well) had a great time! Let's hope that Santa brings them what they asked for! :-)

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm going to mention the unmentionables...

It's not something that we ladies like to talk about, but let's face it - it's reality! Yes ma'am, I'm talking about that time of the month! And, more directly - how not to walk from your desk at work to the restroom with your unmentionables in your hand - alerting everyone that it is, in fact, that time!

My attempt, until now, at being discreet was basically just to shove my 'monthly things' up my sleeve and walk to the bathroom. But, now I don't have to! Yay....

Inspired by the ease of making the tea bag holders, I made this ...

It's functional, yes! But, I think it's also kinda cute (well, cute may be a stretch ... but, still).

So - now I'm wondering - how many ladies would like to get these for Christmas??? Or is this just too personal for a gift? What about for my teenage niece? Is that just a weird gift?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

And, another tea bag wallet....

These are so flipping easy, it's ridiculous! Here is the latest one.

I love, love, love these fabrics and it will be all I can do to give this wallet away! I used one of the lining fabrics for a button on the outside.

And, I just happened to have a lovely ribbon that worked well!

I'm pretty sure (actually, my 8 year old suggested this) that if I slightly modify the dimensions, that I can make some adorable card holders too! Look for those on here sometime soon!!!

Now ... I gotta get back to work! ;-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tea Wallet

For a couple of my friends, I will be making tea wallets and matching cup sleeves. I decided to make one to get my measurements correct. This is it...

I think that it turned out cute! It holds 4 tea packets or sugars/etc.

Here is a picture of the outside:

And, a picture of the inside with tea packets in it:

Inside, with no tea packets:

I decided to make it a simple elastic closure, with a button.

I hope that the friends that will be receiving these will like them. I'm pretty sure that I'd like them if one were given to me!

Now I just have to decide on the fabrics for each person and make the tea wallets and coffee cup cozy / sleeve!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

School Projects

My daughter, who is in 3rd grade this year, has had the most 'projects' already this school year. She has just finished her latest diorama. This one was on the Cherokee Indians. She still has a paper to finish, to go with the diorama ... but, at least the diorama is finished.

She did a great job - actually, she had the whole family - Mommy, Daddy and her baby sister, help in one way or another ... but, it's her project. And, I think it turned out great!

I thought that I'd share a couple photos, since ... well ..... see below .... I'm so ashamed ......







I DIDN'T FINISH THE AFGHAN OVER THE HOLIDAY! I'm so ashamed that I didn't keep my commitment to myself! I could blame the school project - but, that wouldn't be fair ... it'd be more appropriate to blame the nap that I took yesterday and the nap that I took today .... I'll get it done .... I promise!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What was once a shower curtain is now a makeup bag

Several months ago, I purchased a canvas shower curtain from Goodwill. I knew that I was going to cut it up to make something. I was planning on grocery bags (but, I have not yet made them!). Anyway - as I was sitting in my sewing room, I noticed the shower curtain still sitting there and decided to make a make-up bag.

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or give it away for Christmas, but I think that it turned out cute!

The fabric seems a bit nautical to me, so I decided to embroider an anchor on the front of it.

It has a chunky zipper closure. Can you tell that I stuffed the bag, in order to get decent pictures?? lol

All in all, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Gift

One of my dearest friends has a birthday next week!!

I couldn't decide what to make for her (but, I knew that I'd make something). Her birthday is difficult, because it's so close to Christmas - so, how do I decide what is for Christmas and what is for her birthday??

I have seen lots of portfolios or pad-folios online and I decided to make that for her. I didn't use a pattern, just kind of winged it based on the size of the note pad (in this case 5"X8"). I decided to have it close with ribbon and D-rings. I figured this way it is can hold a lot and still close. I put a pocket on the left hand side, as well as a vinyl business card (or whatever card) holder. On the right side there is a full pocket to hold the mini-legal pad.

For stability, I used Timetex between the outside (which is a decorator weight fabric) and the lining (which is quilter's cotton).

While I am sure there are some things that I'll change with the next one - overall, I'm pleased with how it came out!

I hope that she'll like it!!

On another note... I'm still working on the afghan for my mother in law - I'm still committed to finishing it before the holiday is over (and I'm not considering Thanksgiving to be over til I go to bed tomorrow night... lol)!