Friday, July 27, 2007

Snap pouches

Okay - so, I was looking to do two things - and, as it turned out, one was the catalyst to the other. I had some scraps that I wanted to use up, so I decided to make myself a makeup case for my purse (I'm really trying to get my purse organized, it seems, huh?). In any event. This is the little pouch/makeup case that I made. I was happy to use the extra bits of scraps that I had stuffed in an envelope for some crazy reason. I put them on top of some hand dyed fabric, stitched it all down, made the little pouch, attached a snap and called it a day! And, I love it - very practical.

And, the second thing that I needed to do was to make some type of little gifts for the teachers (7 of them, yes, 7 of them) from my girls' swim class. So - I thought that I'd make little pouches for them. All are girls/women, except one 14 year old boy, who will get candy - so, I think that they will like the pouches. Here are a few of the pouches that were made for the teachers. I did the larger pouches for the teachers that worked most directly with the girls for their lessons. I did smaller pouches for the other girls that help out, but didn't really work with my girls (didn't want to leave anyone out.
I'm thinking that I'm going to make a larger version of these pouches to hold my file folders that I lug back and forth between work and home. Think that will make me want to work?? haaaa

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Receipts, galore - tamed now! And, Success at last!

Okay - I admit it, my purse often looks as though it is a dumping ground for any and everything made of paper. In particular, it seems that receipts take over my purse. Then, with all of the paper in there - it takes forever to find the items that I actually need. So ....

I decided to make a little pouch, specifically to hold my receipts in my purse. This is the result - please don't mind the TERRIBLE picture - I took it with my cell phone and I know that it is BAD, BAD, BAD! But, my camera is AWOL at the moment!

In other news - my girls are taking swim lessons this week (they were in lessons last week, as well). They are, for the first year ever, doing GREAT. What I mean by that is that it is normally a huge ordeal to get them to do it - let alone enjoy it. They have been, up until now, so afraid of the water. My husband, his Mother and his Sister do not swim - and, they have transferred some of their fears onto my children. I do swim and I wanted my kids to be able to swim - so, this is their third year of lessons. And, believe it or not - this is the start of our successes!!! They both learned to swim, although they were quite afraid still, their first year. But, this year they have not only gained the confidence and 'belief' that they can swim, but they have also developed a love for the water!! I'm so very excited for them!! Finally! They will be able to enjoy the water and not be afraid. And, I will no longer be the mean mommy that made them 'practice' their swimming - but, rather, the nice mommy that 'let's' them play in the pool!!! Success, indeed!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

If it is really helpful (and quick), is it cheating?

Okay - my family is on our way to the beach in a few weeks for our family vacation. My girls, of course, need a 'cover up' for the beach and pool. So - off to Wal-Mart we went to get some fabric. Well, I found this lovely smocked fabric (smocked at the top, with an ample amount of fabric for the skirt and hemmed at the bottom). Seriously, all I have to do is to make a seam up one side and call it a day! They will have cute little pull on cover up. So - since it is this easy, does it mean that I'm cheating? Does it mean less that I don't have to really work to give them a hand made item??

These are the fabrics that I found... In addition to making each of them a cover up for their swim suits, I am going to put some ribbon ties on some of them and make cute little sun dresses. The girls are really excited - in fact, Sarah intends to make her own cover up - it's only one seam - so, I think that she is fully capable of making it! I mean, she has made herself a bag before - this is easy peasy for her!
I'm dreading the weekend ending! I've enjoyed spending so much time with my family this weekend!! And, it doesn't help that I'm swamped at work (and, honestly, behind on some stuff - with my boss breathing down my neck for status on my 'tasks'). Oh, well - hopefully, this will be a better work week than last - and, at the very least, each day puts me closer to our beach vacation!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coffee Cuff and Another Pop Up Card Holder

I made this pop up card holder for my sister in law (I decided to keep the one that I made the other day, for myself) for her birthday. It has a little bit of beading and some hand stitching for some added detail. I think that it turned out cute. The lining is a cute pink polka dot fabric. I used some pretty ribbon and yarn for the 'pull'. I hope that she will like it and think that it is both cute and functional. I have put a gift card in the holder for the rest of her birthday gift. Now, I just have to make her card and I'm all set.

I also made myself a coffee cuff, using this fabric. Unfortunately, I don't have it on a coffee cup to show it properly - but, I think that you get the point. I can't wait to get a cup of coffee from my favorite coffee house so I can put it to good use. I think that I will be making several of these for my coffee loving friends. I think that they will like them.
I think that the next task that I need to tackle is doing some organizing in my sewing area. I really want to work on quilting some of my yet-to-be quilted quilts, but I realized that I have GOT to get some order in my sewing area before I can do that. Even making these small projects the last few days have been a challenge with the lack of organization in that area.
I'm so happy to be back blogging! And, even more happy to be back sewing again - It's been way too long!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Updated picture of my girls....

Last Saturday we went to the zoo - while there, we took this picture of my girls! The oldest is Sarah and the baby is Hannah... Sar and Han as we call them. I LOVE this picture of them, and had to post it!

I would totally make some of these crayon holders.... if.....

my girls didn't always break their crayons into multiple pieces!! I can't quite figure out WHY they feel the need to peel the paper off and break their crayons into small pieces - but, they do it none the less. Perhaps if I made them some of these crayon holders they would take better care .... hmmmm - Actually, maybe I should let Sarah make them for herself and her sister! I think that is what I'll plan to do! Perhaps we can make a project of it before our beach trip.

I made a pop-up card holder....

Don't have a picture yet - and am planning to make a few more, so will take a photo this weekend. But, I just wanted to report that I did, in fact, make something! Yay, me! It is quite cute and I think that my sister in law will appreciate it. I think that I will put a gift card in it - so, it actually doubles as 'wrapping' for her gift, I suppose. That said, I thought that you could do a similar thing, on a larger scale, to gift CDs - I may try that at some point too.

Anyway - I am pleased that I finally did make something - so I wanted to share.

I've had a couple of people indicate that they would like to swap ATCs with me and I'm thrilled - I've contacted you each individually. Thanks!!! And, looking forward to the swap!!

Updated to add picture:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I need a kick in the pants - any volunteers??

I think that I need someone to 'motivate' me to create something. I've not stepped foot in my sewing room, aside from the occasional mending of our clothes, in months. I have the desire to do something - I can't seem to stop flipping through Quilting Arts (and the like) magazine. I just can't make myself go in there.... It's the craziest thing...

So - this is my idea - Maybe if I can get someone to agree to an ATC swap with me, I'll be moving in the right (and, creative) direction! So - who will volunteer? Please! Pretty Please?!? Pretty Please with an new ATC on top??!!??!! ;)

The one thing that I think that I am going to make tonight is a quilted coffee cup 'cuff' that was featured in the Winter '06 issue of Quilting Arts magazine. The coffee shop that I go to every morning doesn't always give me a 'cuff' for my coffee - plus, this is way more cute, no?

Another project that looks pretty interesting from that same issue is this mini pop-up card case. It looks pretty interesting, quick and useful, as well. My sister in law has a birthday on Saturday - maybe I will make one of these for her. I have some great fabric that my oldest daughter painted some time back that would be really nice for this little wallet. Hopefully, I'll get it done (seriously, it shouldn't take long - I can commit to this, right??) and she'll like it.
Well - while I have some direction and inspiration - I think that I'll get in that sewing room. And, seriously - if someone would like to swap an ATC with me - let me know! I'd love to!!! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bermuda Bags

I have been thinking a lot lately about these cute little bags that my Great Grandmother made for me as a child. Of course, there were the store bought Lily Pulitzer - but, mine were hand made (with much love, I'm sure) by my Great Grandmother. I so loved those little bags.

Now, of course, I want to make some for my girls - but, can I find such a pattern??? Of course not!!! It's starting to annoy me. So, if any of you nice ladies know where I might find such a pattern/instructions, please let me know!
I know that I've been away for a LOOOONNNNNGGGG!! time, but I hope that I'm going to be back on mor regularly. I've been going through a lot of stuff personally, that has just kept me from being very creative - but, I hope that my hiatus is over.
I've missed you all!!!