Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love my iPod .....

... so, I figured I should keep it 'cozy' ;-)

I made my first iPod cozy, using scrap fleece and ribbon. I think that, considering I didn't even so much as measure my iPod Nano, it turned out quite cute. And, it took me all of about 10 minutes start to finish to do it (not couting the hand stitching to secure the sticky backed velcro - which, incidently, I will NEVER do again. I'm such an idiot sometimes...... but, I digress....... ).

Anywho - here is my new iPod cozy.....

I can't wait to make another one. I am thinking that I may use some yummy wool felt for the next one, perhaps with an applique, such as this one (I'm assuming that this one is using wool felt... it certainly looks like it):

Details on this project (IT IS NOT MINE!!!! - I just lust after it!! lol), can be found here:

In addition to the iPod cozy - I also tried my hand at felting an old wool sweater (actually, I felted it some time back, but in my 'to do' pile it rested for way too long) and making a bag out of it. I made a little bag that my daughter will wear slung over her body. She really likes it. Given the VERY thick fabric that the felting created, I chose just to sew it up with no lining.

Here are the pics........

And, the best pic - of the lovely model, with her new bag....

I have another bit of the sweater left, so I think that I'll make some other type of bag eventually. We'll see......... Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New sewing project....

My daughter's friend has a birthday this week. My daughter wanted me to make her a sling pack backpack like I made for her little sister. She wanted different fabrics and also wanted her friend's initial monogrammed (by her request, freezer paper stencilled). I think that it turned out cute. Now she (my oldest daughter) wants the same sling pack for herself - only we decided that instead of just a patch on the front, we'll make hers a pocket.....

Anyway - here are the pictures.......


Outside showing the grommets at the bottom of the bag:

For the monogram, I just printed a font out on the computer and traced it onto freezer paper and did a freezer paper stencil.

All in all - I think that it turned out cute and I hope that the little friend will like it! :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Coffee Cup Cuffs

I can't go without my coffee - and, I can't stop making coffee cup cuffs! I've done them in knit and crochet - but, still, my favorite are sewn/quilted. Today, I decided to make a couple more (maybe for gifts - maybe for myself - maybe for etsy - who knows). At any rate, I love how they came out.

The first is also freezer stenciled. I stenciled a treble clef on it in purple.

The second is actually my favorite. It has a different lining fabric. I love the contrast of the black and pink (sorry, I know the pictures aren't the greatest.

Both have a fun fir type yarn couched onto the edging to finish them off. I think that they turned out pretty cute.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

An 'unusual' fabric.....

I've seen tutorials online for fusing plastic shopping bags and I have finally gotten around to trying it myself.



I fused several shopping bags together, but for the outer layer, I used a black trash bag. For added stability, I chose to add a fabric (with light interfacing) lining. I used a snap for closure. The 'lopsided' flap is intentional - I promise! ;)
It turned out cute, I think.....
Thoughts are welcome!!! :)

Oh - one note - as I tried this with my first attempt - stenciling with paint, on the plastic is NOT recommended - it will not stick... lol. Perhaps another type of paint might work though.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yoga anyone?

One of my girlfriends had a birthday this week. Yay, her! Birthdays are good, no?
Anywho - I needed to think of some 'handmade' gift that she'd really appreciate. I decided that she needed her very own yoga mat (who wants to lay on the stinky yoga mats that the gym provides?? eeeewwww!!). But, of course, with her own mat she needed a super cool bag to put it in (this is where the 'handmade' comes in) ;) Knowing my girlfriend's taste, I knew it had to be something subtle and classy ....
And, here it is .........

More 'new' projects to come...........
I've got to get back to blogging .... so, hopefully, this will be a start (yes, I know - I've said it before ... but, this time I really mean it ...... I swear!!!)