Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another 'project to try' has been checked off of my list...

I have a list a mile long, I admit it - of all of the projects that I want to try. Many of which are found, here, on the internet - on many of the blogs that I visit daily. I have to keep a list, because I know that I'll eventually forget.

Anyway - I've, this weekend, marked one off of my list! Yay, me! ;-)

The project that I've completed this weekend (and, plan to make many more of) is a project that I saw on one of my favorite blogs. Check out the original tutorial here!

And, here are mine! My little girls are going to be so happy to get these tomorrow! I think that they'll really like them!!!

The only thing that I did differently from the tutorial is the following. In the tutorial, Amy, traces her clip onto the felt using a water soluable marker. Since I was using a dark felt, I found that to be a bit problematic - so, what I did was trace my clip onto paper - therby making a pattern. Then I just attached the pattern to the felt, using double sided tape and sewed around the edge. Everything else is pretty much the same as the tutorial (so, I won't rehash that here!).

I've also been making a lot of crochet wrist cuffs. I've listed several on etsy. Here are a few pictures of them, as well. My oldest is in love with these - and, has asked me to make her a matching 'choker' necklace to go with several of the cuffs that she's sporting these days.

Check out some of the other cuffs on etsy! I'm hoping to make some quilted ones, sometime soon, as well!

On the agenda for tomorrow is making the girls' Halloween costumes! I hope to get that finished and out of the way this weekend! They wanted super easy costumes this year - but, I'm still making them (Yay!! they had originally said that they didn't want me to make them and I was bummed). Truly, their costumes are taking little effort - but, it still beats store bought to me! :)

Additional project on the agenda for this weekend is the making of a birthday present for my mother in law. The intention is to make a cute tote bag (for groceries or other stuff that one might need to cart to and fro) and a simple apron (I bought the most lovely fabric for the apron - and I want to make one for myself with that fabric also!!). I can't wait to get those items made, and I'll off course share them here as well.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's so cozy.....

I know, I've been gone for a few - but, I'm still around, I swear. Just extremely busy. It's very hard to find 'free' time between being a Mommy to a 7 year old and a 4 year old, working full time outside the home, trying to stay in somewhat decent shape and all the various other things that we 'modern' women do ... but, I've been doing some 'yarn' things (both knitting and crochet) while watching my 1 hour of TV each night. So, I thought that I'd share a few!

The first one is a little cell phone cozy that is to be added to etsy! I think that I'm going to make myself one as well! My cell phone is so scratched up from it just being thrown into my purse. Maybe something like this will help a bit! Yes, I know that I can buy one of those cell phone cases, but I so hate them ... this I like.

The second thing is a crocheted coffee cup cozy. I think that I'm going to do some of these for etsy too - but, this one is being used daily by yours truly. Note: please forgive the hideous picture - it was taken with my cell phone!

So - as you can see, it's getting 'cozy' around here .... ;-)