Sunday, October 01, 2006

Saw the Fall tour of Rent Last night!

And, it was so good. If you're not familiar with the musical Rent, you might want to check out this link

I had not planned to go, but got a call from friends at the last minute with and extra ticket - How could I pass that up?

Declan Bennett, who played Roger, was AMAZING. He is an awesome singer/actor. I swear there were moments during the show where I literally forgot where I was - as I was so immersed in the performances. Another stand out, in my opinion, was Krystal Brown who played Mimi. They were both amazing, as was Tracy McDowell as Maureen. The entire cast was great, but those 3 were probably my favorites.

Well, it's back to work (oh, the joy) tomorrow. So, I guess, I should get to bed and get some rest tonight! :-)