Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another Art Doll

I made another art doll. I, again, used a face made from polymer clay using a push mold. I wish that I liked my drawings of faces enough to use them - but, not yet. But, I will ONE DAY ...... I'm determined, that way..... lol.

I love the colors in this doll - you may notice that I used the same fabrics that I used for my postcard swap that I posted earlier. These were some 'scraps' (not that I like to think that I have 'scraps' so much as small pieces of fabric, that I'm sure I'll use sometime) that were left from that project.

I decided to rip fabric and use it for the hair. My husband said that he thinks it makes it look like a sunflower. I guess it does in some ways. Anyway ..... here is the picture!!

Here is a closeup o f the face/hair....

I don't know why I decided to not put arms on her, but to me - I don't think she is supposed to have arms..... lol. Weird, I guess - but, I had actually MADE arms for her, but couldn't bring myself to put them on her. Anyway..... just sharing!

My First Art Doll!!

Well - I'm finally posting my first art doll (I finished it on Monday, but am only NOW able to get into - don't know if it was just me or what - finally, after I cleared my cache files, I was able to get in - weird)l.

Now, back to my doll....... It's nothing spectacular, but I'm very proud of it. I wasn't sure where to start, other than having been inspired by others - both online and in magazines, so I JUST STARTED! lol. I sketched a pattern, found the fabrics and embellishments and did it. I'm not very good at drawing faces, so I used a sculpey push mold (it's actually a sun face, but you can't really tell a lot from the picture) that I had made months back, with no idea what I would use it for. Then just made yarn hair and various beads to make the arms. All in all - I think it turned out pretty good!!

Now, I can't wait to make another one!!! :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Newest ATCs and I want my babies back!

I really need to start doing something other than ATCs, I suppose. But, I want to share something and all I've done recently are ATCs, so that is what I'm sharing. These are just some random ATCs that I've done - I might trade them later, who knows.

Anyway - here are the ATCs that I made:

Now - our weekend. Well, my baby (and, really she isn't a baby that much anymore ... sniffsniff), turned 3 of Friday. I took the day off from work, in order to spend the day with her. We baked her birthday cake (so much fun) together and stuffed goodie bags for her party on Saturday (after going shopping together, after we took her sister to school). We had a great day! Then, after we picked Sarah (her sister) up from school, we came home and played some more. Then when Daddy got home, we got pizza and had our family party. She was thrilled with all of her presents. It was a great birthday.

On saturday, we had her birthday party with her little friends from school. It's so cute to see so many little 3 year olds running around like they are big girls and boys. Hannah said that she had a great birthday party, so I'm sure she did. We had it at the YMCA 'fun zone' area. It was a blast.

Needless to say, by Sunday, I was ready for a NAP. So, after we all went to lunch after Church, I came home and crashed. Finally, a bit of a rest......

Now, I'm the mother of 2 big girls! :( Where does the time go???? Hannah has taken to telling me, now, that she isn't a baby anymore! I want my babies back!!!!