Saturday, March 18, 2006

My First Art Doll!!

Well - I'm finally posting my first art doll (I finished it on Monday, but am only NOW able to get into - don't know if it was just me or what - finally, after I cleared my cache files, I was able to get in - weird)l.

Now, back to my doll....... It's nothing spectacular, but I'm very proud of it. I wasn't sure where to start, other than having been inspired by others - both online and in magazines, so I JUST STARTED! lol. I sketched a pattern, found the fabrics and embellishments and did it. I'm not very good at drawing faces, so I used a sculpey push mold (it's actually a sun face, but you can't really tell a lot from the picture) that I had made months back, with no idea what I would use it for. Then just made yarn hair and various beads to make the arms. All in all - I think it turned out pretty good!!

Now, I can't wait to make another one!!! :)

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Melodie said...

Oh my! You are wrong! She is spectacular! And what fun it must be to create such a thing! My sister has done soft sculpture dolls that look like dance hall girls from the gold rush days. Then her husband writes poems for each of them. They are such a hoot!! I wonder why she hasn't put them on her blog. She's probably just too busy. They are award winners! (That's where I found you....she is Deb from