Monday, March 06, 2006

Newest ATCs and I want my babies back!

I really need to start doing something other than ATCs, I suppose. But, I want to share something and all I've done recently are ATCs, so that is what I'm sharing. These are just some random ATCs that I've done - I might trade them later, who knows.

Anyway - here are the ATCs that I made:

Now - our weekend. Well, my baby (and, really she isn't a baby that much anymore ... sniffsniff), turned 3 of Friday. I took the day off from work, in order to spend the day with her. We baked her birthday cake (so much fun) together and stuffed goodie bags for her party on Saturday (after going shopping together, after we took her sister to school). We had a great day! Then, after we picked Sarah (her sister) up from school, we came home and played some more. Then when Daddy got home, we got pizza and had our family party. She was thrilled with all of her presents. It was a great birthday.

On saturday, we had her birthday party with her little friends from school. It's so cute to see so many little 3 year olds running around like they are big girls and boys. Hannah said that she had a great birthday party, so I'm sure she did. We had it at the YMCA 'fun zone' area. It was a blast.

Needless to say, by Sunday, I was ready for a NAP. So, after we all went to lunch after Church, I came home and crashed. Finally, a bit of a rest......

Now, I'm the mother of 2 big girls! :( Where does the time go???? Hannah has taken to telling me, now, that she isn't a baby anymore! I want my babies back!!!!

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Melodie said...

Awwww............I'm raising two grand-babies! Now they're 9 & 10!! But thank goodness for my kids (4)! Both boys have babies due in April. The 1st one arrived the 4th so I have a new baby to snuggle and smell. (I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby.)

It'll happen before you know it! Time is relative and the older you get, the faster it flies!! You'll be holding a grandbaby by....hmmmm.....tomorrow!