Friday, July 20, 2007

I made a pop-up card holder....

Don't have a picture yet - and am planning to make a few more, so will take a photo this weekend. But, I just wanted to report that I did, in fact, make something! Yay, me! It is quite cute and I think that my sister in law will appreciate it. I think that I will put a gift card in it - so, it actually doubles as 'wrapping' for her gift, I suppose. That said, I thought that you could do a similar thing, on a larger scale, to gift CDs - I may try that at some point too.

Anyway - I am pleased that I finally did make something - so I wanted to share.

I've had a couple of people indicate that they would like to swap ATCs with me and I'm thrilled - I've contacted you each individually. Thanks!!! And, looking forward to the swap!!

Updated to add picture:

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