Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I need a kick in the pants - any volunteers??

I think that I need someone to 'motivate' me to create something. I've not stepped foot in my sewing room, aside from the occasional mending of our clothes, in months. I have the desire to do something - I can't seem to stop flipping through Quilting Arts (and the like) magazine. I just can't make myself go in there.... It's the craziest thing...

So - this is my idea - Maybe if I can get someone to agree to an ATC swap with me, I'll be moving in the right (and, creative) direction! So - who will volunteer? Please! Pretty Please?!? Pretty Please with an new ATC on top??!!??!! ;)

The one thing that I think that I am going to make tonight is a quilted coffee cup 'cuff' that was featured in the Winter '06 issue of Quilting Arts magazine. The coffee shop that I go to every morning doesn't always give me a 'cuff' for my coffee - plus, this is way more cute, no?

Another project that looks pretty interesting from that same issue is this mini pop-up card case. It looks pretty interesting, quick and useful, as well. My sister in law has a birthday on Saturday - maybe I will make one of these for her. I have some great fabric that my oldest daughter painted some time back that would be really nice for this little wallet. Hopefully, I'll get it done (seriously, it shouldn't take long - I can commit to this, right??) and she'll like it.
Well - while I have some direction and inspiration - I think that I'll get in that sewing room. And, seriously - if someone would like to swap an ATC with me - let me know! I'd love to!!! :)

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Deb H said...

I'd be happy to do an ATC swap with you, & I know someone else who would too.