Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can finally post it......

So, on Craftster, I decided to participate in a personal swap! I've done swaps before, but not one on Craftster. The reason for this swap is because I saw a post by the cutest girl, wearing the cutest hat - which I had to have! This is her original post: Isn't it just too adorable for words?????? And, to think - she said it was an 'accident'!

Okay - so, I PM'd her and asked if she'd be interested in a swap. I'd make something for her, in exchange for her making that hat for me!!! She, to my delight and honor, said that she'd love to. I decided to make a tote bag for her. Her only request was that it have cute fabrics and not be too girly - she also mentioned that she liked the color red.

So, here is the bag that I made for her. I really like this bag! And, kind of wanted to keep it for myself - but, I quickly said to myself 'but, you really want that hat', so I boxed it up and off it went to the post office!

This is the outside. I made a removable yo-yo, with fabric covered button, pin as an embellishment:

This is the inside of the bag, with three pockets:

This is another picture of the bag, with the matching key fob that I included:

She said that she loves the bag and I'm so glad!!!

I love the hat that I got in return and I will take a picture TODAY and post it later! I really, really, really adore my hat!!! Picture to be added shortly!!!

Oh - should probably add that the linen/cotton blend fabric in the bag is recycled from an old dress that I had 100 years ago ... so, this is part of where this bag started..... and, improved use of the fabric, I think - agree??

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