Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New ATC, using polymer clay

I wanted to try my hand at using a Polymer clay push mold. I hadn't used one before. I LOVE all of the art doll faces, so I bought one of those. The one that I chose to use first reminded me of being at complete peace. As a result, I decided to make an ATC using that face, that had PEACE as the theme. This is what resulted:

Where I work, we always celebrate the Olympics, by having our own Olympic Games at work. Each of the teams in our building gets assigned a country. We represent out country in the opening ceremony, games and closing ceremony. It seems that I ALWAYS get volunteered to create our team's (country's) banner. This year, our team is Team USA. Below is the banner that I created for our team. It has to represent out team and also contain at least one 'symbol' of the Olympics. I chose to attach this year's Olympic Logo to our banner.

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