Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Made with the fabric my daughter and I painted this afternoon

I'm so happy to share this little wall hanging/art piece that I made using the fabric that my 5 year old daughter and I painted this afternoon. It's about 5X7 in size and I attached a hook to the back, though I think that I'll likely place it in a stand on my desk. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Sarah did such a good job with painting the fabric, I couldn't imagine doing anything with it other than something that featured my daughter. I still have a good bit of the fabric left over, so I think that I might let Sarah make something with it this weekend. We shall see! :)


SunSticker said...

That is absolutely beautiful! That's a wonderful memory you've created for her, too!

Michelle said...

Thank you!!! I was pleased with it. I can't wait to see what she does with the fabric..... she is, even for her young age of 5, extremely artistic and talented (as (I think) is clearly evidenced in her fabric painting)!! :)