Saturday, January 21, 2006

A few ATCs

Well, I've had a TERRIBLE week at work (and one day home sick) this week. And what really sucks is that the day I was home sick, I still worked from home. Why is it that when you feel your worst, everyone needs SOMETHING from you???? I don't get it - it's like the world just plays tricks on you and sits back and laughs as you're coughing your head off. On Fridays I am supposed to get off work at 4pm. Of course, so much crap was going on at work today that I didn't get to leave until WELL after 6. Oh, well - what are you going to do? (aside from coming on here and complaining - which does NO ONE any good! lol)

So, after I had my dinner and spent a bit of time with my family, I decided that I was going to make a few ATCs and share them here.

The first one is one that I made just because I had some beads that I found as I was cleaning off my scrapbook table. I like it. I've never finished my ATCs with a cord edging, but, I like the effect. I tend to make more fabric ATCs that paper - and I thought that this might be a good way to 'finish' it off.

The second one is one that I made for my daughter for Valentine's Day. She LOVES glitz, so I had to add the rhinestones for her. I'm going to make a similar one for my other daughter, but using purple fabrics. I have no idea what a 5 and nearly 3 year old will do with them, but anytime I make ANYTHING, if I don't make one for them - it's not really well received. LOL

I have to get busy and make some ATCs for a swap that I'm in for Valentine's Day. Maybe having made these will inspire me. :)

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