Sunday, January 08, 2006

My first blog! :)

I really don't know anything about blogging (is that even the verb that is used for what I'm doing? lol), but I thought that I'd give it a shot.

I was online (as usual - this is what I'm doing when my children are sleeping and I'm NOT at either my sewing machine, drawing board, or scrapbook/crafting area) the other night and was looking at some 'crafty' type stuff ..... quilting and such. I ran across some WONDERFUL blogs created by some extremely talented women. I couldn't decide, being such a novice, if I was intimidated or inspired. So, I slept on it. When I woke up the next morning, I decided that being intimidated was for wimps and I am NOT a wimp..... ;-) So, here I am creating my own little blog on the web.

I don't know if anyone will even want to read it, but maybe it'll provide an outlet for ME. As a mother of 2 small girls, I have very few outlets for ME (well, that's not really true - I have lots of outlets - I just don't have the time..... lol).

In any event - here I am - blogging (again, is that the correct verb? ;-) )


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