Monday, January 16, 2006

New stuff to share - painting, postcard and mixed media art

Well - I've kind of been MIA on here, but I have been working on some stuff. I only have time now to write this blog because my husband has gone to pick up the kids from their grandparent's house. As soon as the girls get home, I think that we're going to try to paint a bit before it's time to get ready for bed.

Okay - the first thing that I want to share is a painting that Sarah (my 5 y/o) did for me. I love it so much. Being the 'saver of all items' that her Mother (that's me.. lol) also is. She had a cute little sticker that she wanted to use on this painting (I guess it is sort of mixed media, huh? ;) ). Anyway - this is a picture of the painting that she did just for me!! :) She did such a lovely job. She is REALLY into watercolors right now. Though, for this particular painting, she thought that it'd be cool to paint her hands with the watercolors and apply the paint to the canvas in that fashion. Needless to say, she was right! It made a very cute painting! She also did a painting for her Daddy and her baby sister. If I can talk them into it, I'll have to get their paintings and take some pictures so I can share them.

Okay, the second thing that I want to share is a quick fabric postcard that I made. I painted some more fabric and it reminded me of a sunset, so I thought - why fight it? Make a sunset.... lol. So, here it is:

The last thing that I wanted right now, is a mixed media piece that I did. I saw this picture of this woman and was inspired to create SOMETHING with it. I didn't know what, but I just kind of started. Do you ever do that??? Not know where you're going, but just start doing SOMETHING and end up with something that you love? I must admit, I plan very little. Most of what I do is the direct result of spontaneity. I'm not sure that I could actually implement a 'PLAN'. I suppose that is what separates a 'crafter' (me) from a real artist! Although, I'm sure it is more than that! ;) Anyway, here is the piece that I did.

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ginger said...

What a nice blog!! I enjoyed seeing examples of your art (especially the fiber art) and that painting your talented daughter did for you would make a great art quilt....keep going...I'll check back...Ginger