Monday, January 09, 2006

Painting fabric

Well, I picked my daughter up from school today and it was VERY warm outside, so I thought that we'd do a little project. She LOVES to do artsy stuff.

I thought that since it was so nice outside that we'd cut a big piece (well, sort of big) of muslin, take it outside and paint it til our little hearts were content. So, that is just what we did - it's outside drying as we speak. Sarah, my daughter, is playing Barbie on her computer and I'm here sharing this. I can't wait til it dries, so I can see just how it turned out. Sarah had a blast helping (well, really, I helped her - she did most of it) me paint the fabric. She has already decided on way too many things that she'd like to make with it. I'm not sure, however, what we'll do with it.

As soon as it is finished drying, I'll post a picture of it. :)

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Alma Stoller said...

The painted fabric came out great. I am soooo into creating my own...I am glad you liked the instructions. I also really like your fabric postcards.
Great work...