Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My daughter's altered lunchbox

Well, I finished it - I made an altered lunch box for my oldest daughter (will need to make a second for my youngest). The idea is that they'll take these boxes to school with them and collect their valentine's in them on Valentines day. I thought that it was a cute idea. On the inside, I'm going to write a little note saying why I chose the elements in each of their boxes and include the year. I figured this would be a cute way for us to keep their valentines from their friends from this year.

I will show my daughter tomorrow - I think that she'll be excited. She was fussing at me the other day because I hadn't made her anything in a while. Keep in mind that 'in a while' to her means that I haven't made anything for her since Christmas! lol ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I bet your girls love them.