Saturday, February 25, 2006

New ATCs :-)

Well, I've been away for a bit. Life has been...... life! Which is to say - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! :)

But, I have taken some time to participate in some ATC swaps. I thought that I'd post some pictures of the most recent ATCs that I have made. Even my little girls made ATCs the other day (actually, so did my husband) - this is how I kept them occupied while I cooked dinner..... lol. I'll have to, at another time, scan their ATCs to share as well. I must say that they did QUITE well! They (my girls) just love all things ART!

Anyway, here are some of the ATCs that I've recently made. I still have to finish some for a PURPLE swap. I also need to finish 6 fabric postcards for a 'swap'. Guess, I really DON'T need that sleep, right? lol

Here are the ATCs .....

These first ones are some that I did for a monochromatic ORANGE swap. Who knew that it would take me THAT LONG to put all those little beads on? Oh, well - at least it gave me ample opportunity to watch Clean House and Flip That House, while I sat there beading. I was PLANNING to do similar ones for the purple swap, but I don't know, now - it takes SO LONG. I know some ladies that can bead up a storm - in no time flat - I'm NOT one of those ladies! ;-)

The next ATCs are ones that I have recently done for individual one:one swaps. For the most part, there was no THEME - just do whatever we wanted to do. The only one that had a 'theme' was the seasons one - we were to do three, depicting various seasons.... These are the ones that I did:

The rest of these are the 'no thememed' ones that I did for other one:one swaps. I did a variety of styles - a lot of stamping, though (can you tell that I finally found all of my rubber stamping stuff?? lol)

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