Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween! A little late.....

Whew ... it's over... I love it, but I'm glad for it to be behind me! Between making costumes (til the wee hours of the morning) and helping a friend with a Halloween party (which was so much fun, for the kids and adults a like), I'm beat!

I mentioned before that we were doing the whole Wizard of Oz theme. With me being Dorothy, my oldest being Glenda the Good Witch and my youngest being the Wicked Witch of the West. I didn't have to make the Wicked Witch costume, but I made both the Dorothy costume and Glenda costume.

Dorothy ... I already blogged about the shoes here. They did turn out well, but the sequins did pop off a bit after I wore them. I did modify them a bit from the prior post, in that I added a red satin bow to each of them. I made the dress, without a pattern and just made it as quickly as I could. So, I didn't take the time to 'fit' it to my shape. So, I look kind of boxy in it, but I think it turned out cute as well. I already had the white shirt. I bought a wig and cut it shorter and used ribbons with the braids. All in all, I thought that my costume turned out well.

Glenda ... my daughter was thrilled with her costume. Basically, I reclaimed the bodice from a thrifted dress, added the skirt portion and puffy sleeves. I also made the crown. She already had a wand. Costume done!

Wicked Witch of the West ... I borrowed the witches dress from a friend and bought a hat. Painted her face, added tights and we're done! But, she's WAY too pretty to look wicked.

As we were getting dressed, my girls were already discussing what they want to be next year... That is how it goes in this house! The Wizard of Oz theme was decided on Halloween last year!

This was the scene when we got home from the Halloween party last night ... How sweet.....

Even though it is late...... Happy Halloween!!

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