Friday, November 07, 2008

New Coffee Cuffs.... with more of a masculine feel

I have been thinking for a while about trying to make some masculine coffee cuffs / coffee sleeves. And, having been asked by my best friend to create one, today was the day! One is decidedly more masculine than the other, but I think that they both turned out nice. Of course, as is always the way, I can see room for improvement!

This is the first one ... made with skull fabric and a couple of buttons. I think that the buttons make this one less masculine - that said, I'm using it... Worked out great! ;-)

Close up of the button closure

The second one is the one that I made for my friend. I hope that it is well received! I do see where there is room for improvement - particularly with the star - either I should have made a smaller star - or a taller cuff... however, I still think it turned out cute!

Now, I think that I'm going to finish watching this movie!

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