Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cute little vinyl bag, with flower embellishment!

I was, as I normally am in the evenings, reading the blogs that I follow. And, as I was looking at Jodie's (Ric-Rac) blog, I was reminded of a tutorial that I had been meaning to try. She wrote an easy tutorial for making a pencil case. I didn't follow it to the letter, but I definitely used it for inspiration!

I decided to make a makeup/whatever bag. Anywho - that said, mine is a little bigger..... And, I love how it came out.
This picture gives an idea of the 'overall' view of the makeup bag/case/pouch.
This picture shows the zipper .... the purple zipper matches the flower...... see how my brain works? ;-)

This picture is just her to give a better idea of the true colors..... The pictures above were washed out with the flash.

Now I want to make this same style bag out of cotton!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love this little bag. I've never worked with vinyl before, but I've been thinking more and more about it.
I do love this design and thanks for the link!
I may have to try this this weekend!
- I found your blog through craftster. :) (The Platypus Project)