Sunday, November 09, 2008

New pajama pants

I've been saying for a few weeks that I was going to make myself some new pajama pants. Only today did I finally do just that!

I had some old fabric (circa 1980-ish) that was gifted to me some time back and I thought it might be nice to use for my pj pants - considering that I wasn't using a pattern or anything - didn't really want to cut into some fabric that I love! The fabric is a nice comfy cotton floral print. Not really a floral that I'd like - but, I admit, it takes a lot for me to like a floral print - but, I think that they turned out cute (and, even if not cute - they are certainly comfy!).

Mind you, I do have a pattern for some pajama pants ... but, I was too lazy to cut the pattern out! It took some 'tweaking' to get the crotch/rise just right - I'm kind of short waisted. Also, there is a little bit of bunching in the front that, while comfy, isn't flattering.... So ... a few things to be changed next time!

I'm thinking that I may go ahead and get my daughter's Christmas PJs done before thanksgiving - that would be unique, as normally I'm down the wire with them. Last year, I was down to the last minute - as usual - and decided to make pants and then buy a sweatshirt and do an applique on them, using the same flannel as the pants. Those PJs have gotten more wear than any of the others I've made in the years past - so, I'm thinking that I might do that again! Is that cheating? And, if so, is it okay to cheat on making the PJs?? I used to make them sweet little gowns - with monogramming and everything - but, they don't like to wear gowns ... :(

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