Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pretty Little Beret for Hannah

I was making slippers for Hannah (clearly, I still think she is 2 years old - judging from the extremely small size they were!) - and, she decided that she wanted a 'hat'. So, I'm a terrible one to not follow a pattern, but I thought - hmmm, I think that I crochet her a hat. While I don't think that Crochet magazine is going to be knocking on my door looking for the pattern (and, thank God, since I didn't write it down... lol), I think that it turned out pretty darn cute.

I know that it would look WAY, WAY more cute if it were on Hannah, instead of this bear - but, I think that it might be a bit un-motherly for me to wake here just for the purposes of making this posting better - so, for now - we'll just have to see it on the bear! ;-)

I plan to revisit the slippers - just not tonight. So, here is yet another picture of the cute little (I think) hat...

The pictures really don't do the colors justice! It is actually HOT pink! Just like a 4 year old's cool little beret should be! ;-)

On other fronts - I've now finished 4 handmade Christmas gifts - this is extremely unusual for me! I'm very excited about that!!! I hope to be sharing some more later. I've got a project that is currently being blocked that I hope I can take pictures of later and post here. I've got several other items cut out and ready to hit the sewing machine - so, yeah - I'm happy about my progress thus far!! And, in addition to the current momentum on hand made gifts - I'm also getting my girls' Christmas pictures made much earlier this year! Normally I'm like a week or two from Christmas - this year, they will be done the day before Thanksgiving - can you imagine??

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