Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another hat.... this time, for me....

I rarely make things for myself - but, today, I've made two hats - JUST FOR ME! I've only got pictures of one. The other is to be worn on Saturday - as I attend the Carolina/Clemson game! Go cocks! I'll take a picture of that one sometime to post.

In the meantime - here is one of the hats (beanie style) that I made for myself today. Don't mind the crazy looking pictures of me... I'm just not a very photogenic person... but, since it is for me, I figured I should 'model' it. So ... here it is.......

I think that I like this one better than the other one that I made. This one was made using thick chenille yarn by Lions Brand. I made a scarf using this yarn last year - and, I had some left over - enough to make this hat, so that worked out great! This hat went quickly. I loosely used this pattern. The change that I made, to allow for my smaller than average head (please, no jokes or comments ... lol), was to have fewer increase rows. It seems to fit great with these adjustments!

But, I will be wearing the other one (again, I will post pictures later - I've only just finished it - and it's 1am... LOL) on Saturday - since it is (almost) in the school colors. The USC (University of South Carolina) colors are Garnet and Black - and the other hat is Raspberry and Black - not exact - but, it's what I had on hand.

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