Monday, November 12, 2007

Crochet and Felting.... and, yes, I'm still alive! ;-)

Okay - so, I haven't been blogging for a few weeks, but I've been steady creating! I'm diligently at work on my Christmas list already!

I'm currently have a torrid love affair with wool yarn, my size I crochet hook and the processing of felting. I've made the cutest little purses for my girls for Christmas. A little more than 1 skein of yarn, a couple of hours of crocheting - then a bit of time in a steamy hot washing machine - and, you get lovely, lovely purses! The felted purse in this picture is Sarah's - the unfelted (picture taken, to show the difference pre and post felting) is Hannah's. I'm going to add some cute buttons to add to the design.

And, I know that I should be just worrying with making Christmas gifts, but I also made a cute little bag for me! It's a clutch purse that was, gasp, also crocheted with wool yarn and felted. I simply LOVE the autumn colors in this yarn. It has a button hole and vintage buttons for closure. I've not yet used it - but, I can't wait to! I think that I'm going to put one (or more) of these felted goodies in my etsy shop!

Don't mind the terrible picture - it doesn't nearly do justice to these bags! They are so, so pretty in person. The clutch was felted with only 1 washing in hot water. The girls' bags were run through 2 cycles (hot wash/cold rinse). I also, probably after Christmas, plan to make myself a (much larger) bag like the girls' bags.
I hope that I'm going to be able to be on here posting a lot of the projects that I'm making for Christmas! I've found lots of great projects that I'm eager to make and give to folks for Christmas - and, I hope to share them here!

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