Thursday, November 29, 2007

New crocheted hat and a scarf (made in 30 minutes - yes, ma'am 30 minutes!)

I have been on a crazy crocheting bend - what is up with that?

Anyway - the new things... I made MYSELF a hat - well, it was mine for like 3 minutes. Once Sarah saw it - it became hers - hmmmm, interesting how that happens... Oh, well, it is way more cute on her than it was on me. Perhaps, after Christmas, I'll actually get to make one for myself! Here are a few pics of the hat (on my, super, super, super cute model!)

In addition to the hat (apparently, for Sarah - ha), I made myself a scarf. I will be making SEVERAL more of these for Christmas presents - since, LITERALLY, I made this scarf in 30 minutes!!! You have to love a chunky yarn and a Q hook!! I'm in love with this color! Here is a picture of the scarf that everyone I know and love will receive for Christmas... lol

I have got to get busy on the Christmas gifts that I'm making this year! I definitely will be making more scarves and hats! I think that all the kiddos in my family will be getting a scarf/hat set this year!


R3n331 said...

M,Thats georgous, do you have a pattern for it :)

Michelle said...

Renee - the hat is a basic beanie (all hdc) and the flower, is loosely done following this patter:

R3n331 said...

Thanks M :)