Sunday, November 18, 2007

More hats....

Well, I finally have pictures of the hat from the previous post, on my daughter - Hannah. This picture was taking at 6:30 in the morning (hence her looking 1/2 asleep). I think that it turned out cute - given no pattern - but there are things that I would have changed.

In addition to the little beret type hat for Hannah - I made a beanie for my oldest, Sarah. I really like how it turned out - and she LOVES it. I want to make one for myself - tho, I know that I won't look nearly as cute as she does in hers!

I really liked the idea of the beret that I made for Hannah and tried to make another one (again, no pattern - just *hopefully* using what I learned with the first one, to improve). I'm not sure that it turned out much better - but, here is the 3rd hat that I've made. This one is for the girls' cousin for Christmas - hopefully, she will like it!

I've, in addition to the hats, made several Christmas presents lately. Several people are getting new scarves for Christmas - and various other things. I've got several bags in the works, as well as a few pieces of jewelry.

Is it wrong that I want to take a break from making things for others - and make some fingerless gloves for myself? Yes, it is - I know this - yet I still want to. But, I won't! I'll be strong!

There are so many things that I want to make for Christmas this year - looks like most of the gifts we give this year, will be homemade. That is normally true - but, even moreso this year. Usually, for my girls, I make PJs/gown and a toy - but, normally not more than that. This year, however, they are each getting PJs, at least 1 toy (one is already made for each - but there are several other things that I have my eye on - just looking for the time), scarves and a purse. So - looks like they will have a very 'homemade' Christmas this year.

While discussing homemade Christmas - I thought that I'd mention that Sarah has decided to do a painting on canvas for everyone for Christmas - she's already finished the painting for her Daddy - and, it turned out great - if I do say so. It's great having such a talented daughter!!! :-)

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