Monday, September 03, 2007

Sarah tried her hand at Freezer Paper Stencils

So - Sarah loved the Skull bag so much that she wanted to try her hand. But, she couldn't just put her stencil on a ready made bag - so, she wanted to cut the leg of a pair of old jeans, make a bag - THEN do her stencil! So, that is what we did! She sewed it together, herself, attached the strap and I did the snap. Other than that - it was all her!!

She likes the Clemson Tigers, so her stencil was a tiger paw. I think that it turned out cute as a button! Here is the picture.

I also made her a skull t-shirt that she is sad that she won't be wearing to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is a 'game' day for her and she has to wear her cheerleading uniform - I didn't think that she'd ever want to wear anything but her uniform - so I was surprised that she was bummed about not wearing the shirt.

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Deb M. said...

Hi Michelle,

So good to see you blogging. :o) I'm happy to know that you are still sewing. I still have my cute purse that you made for me. :o)

The girls have really grown up. Love your cute purse did a beautiful job. I think that tiger paw needs to be for Auburn. LOL!!

Look forward to visiting your blog again soon.

Hugs & Blessings,
Deb M.