Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from Vacation and Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE)

Well, we are back from vacation - and trying to settle back into our normal routine. It is so hard to get back in the 'groove' of things after doing absolutely NOTHING for a week. But, one week down now, and I'm sure that next week will be easier.

School starts back next week and I can hardly believe that I have a daughter that will be in 2nd grade. I can't believe that it is even possible - I mean, I brought her home from the hospital last week (or, so it seems).

And, now - the ultra thick embossing powder......

I've been playing around a bit with it and have made a few things. I really love this pendant that I made. I'm going to hang it from a black satin cord and wear it a little longer than a choker. I think that it turned out cute! I just cut the shape out of a heavy (almost mat board) card. Then I painted the front white. Then did a little bit of coloring on it, just by rubbing ink pads over it. Then I stamped some lettering. After that, I covered it with a clear pigment ink, dipped it in ultra thick embossing powder - and zapped it with the heat gun (did this several times). I added one layer of a glitter embossing powder for some depth and then finished it off with another layer of the clear ultra thick embossing powder. It ended up quite sturdy!

I think that you could make a lot of things like this - of course, jewelry and additionally any number of other 'embellishments'. I'm going to make some magnets as well... I think that the options are limitless.... and, I look forward to doing more projects!

Well - I've caught myself a summer cold, so I think that I'll try to get a nap in before I have to go shop for new shoes for school!!

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Deb H said...

Very clever & very cute.

I've collected several cardboard coasters fron restaurants with the intention of using them with paints & embossing powder, you may have added some fuel to my fire! Thanks.