Monday, May 01, 2006

Blogger is getting on my nerves!!!!!!

I had a long blog, ready to post and Blogger just went crazy on me....... I doubt that I'll remember what all I had written. I doubt that it was that important anyway, but still... it's annoying.. Let me TRY to remember.....

I had included a comment about a good friend of mine who lost her Dad this week. It's just breaking my heart to see her hurting so. I know, from losing my own Dad, that there is nothing that I can do to make her 'feel' better. I just hope to have her know that I'm there if she needs me!

I also included my current disdain for corporate America. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not cut out for corporate America. Not that I'm in any position to do anything about it financially. I mean, we've come to rely on the money that I make - so I can't just NOT make it. I'm not sure why I am not cut out for it. It's either a) I'm too much of a non-conformist, b) I'm too stubborn or c) a combination of both a and b. I'm thinking that (c) is the likely scenario. I want to be able be ME. Not some person who has to dress a certain way, act a certain way - basically, be something that I'm not. But, alas, as long as I wish to draw my pay check (and the mortgage company, oddly enough, insists that I continue along that path) - corporate America and all of it's restrictions/rules/idiotic rules and regulations is my current cross to bear. Oh well... not since whining over it. After all, I'll need to get to bed pretty soon, so I can be ready to go to a job that I don't want to in the morning.

And, for the fun stuff ... I haven't really felt much like making anything the last week. I did, however, make a fabric postcard. I intend to send this one to my friend. I hope that the bright colors of the hand dyed fabric will at least make her smile, if only for a moment. I hope that she'll like it.

Oh ... the best part ... I'm going to be taking a machine quilting class - FINALLY! I'm really looking forward to it. I am taking Friday off, in order to attend the class. I can't wait. I did get Harriet Hargrave's book (Heirloom Machine Quilting) that DebH and Deb recommended. It's a great read. I can't wait until I can actually put some of it to use. I hope that the information that I'm getting from the book, will be a great compliment to the class that I'm taking. I'm really excited about the class.

Hopefully, I'll find some time this week to do something creative. I have no idea what. All I've done, other than the small postcard, is sketch ... I guess I've just been lazy. Maybe I'll have more energy (and inspiration) this week... Surely, this week will be a good week, right?


Micki said...

That is a great postcard. I haven't been in the creative mood much myself lately. Maybe we will both get creative this week. LOL!
Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Deb H said...

Michelle, your postcard is beautiful, I'm sure it'll warm your friend's heart, just knowing how much you care.
I'm glad you like the book, it was how I learned to machine quilt, that & pratice, practice, practice!
I hope you have fun at the class. Do something small to start with, & have FUN!

deb said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm another one of the six or seven (?) AQ Debs and living the post-corporate life. Things are very different now that AT&T is done with me. I focus on ways to make my art pay now. Before, it was pretty much play and I see a difference in my work - a good difference. The need to make each piece count makes one focus on ALL of the steps of good design, not just the fun part.
Keep slogging, you'll get there.

Marianna said...


I also have had problems with blogger and its ability to eat my posts before they are saved. As a result I pre-write everything in Word, it has an excellent spellchecker as well as a thesaurus. Once I complete my entry I copy and paste it into the HTML edit view section of blogger, thus eliminating any weird formatting that Word inserts behind the interface. I then go into compose editor mode and insert any pics or tweak the content. The best part, I leave the temporary Word document open with my journal entry in it. When I am sure the blogger has published and saved my entry I simply close Word. Good luck.

Elle said...

Blogger does get pretty weird sometimes...